My name is Aurelia and I’m very happy to make your acquaintance. If you’ve come to see if I can help you move on and heal from past emotional trauma, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m a fully trained and experienced Quantum Reiki Grand Master & Teacher and my work is focused on transmuting stuck energies through shadow-work. In pair with shadow-work we’ll together do light-work and high-vibrational, conscious and subconscious mind techniques so that your manifestations can be elevated to a life that you can thrive in.

I work on long-term goals and have your full and complete healing as my one and only objective. I therefore want us to get to know each other to see if our energies resonate and if we are a good match for your healing journey. So the first step is for us to have a chat. Book a call via the link below and we’ll then discuss which of my services will be the most beneficial for you.

Now that we have agreed on a healing plan, we will start our sessions as agreed on in our call. All sessions are remote. It doesn’t matter where in the world you are, the unified field ensures that the frequencies will always reach you at it’s full effect. We’ll also continuously keep in touch via WhatsApp as you’re progressing on your journey. You are in safe hands with me and we’ll continue to get to a place of love and light.


Flexible Single Sessions

Quantum Reiki Healing

Single 30-90 minute healing sessions that can be booked on the fly.

We’ll be working on your long-term healing progress with these flexible sessions. Choose when and for how long you want to do your next session. The sessions are all remote and offline. This means that at our agreed time, you will simply get into a relaxed and undisturbed position. Due to universal consent and the unified field, the healing frequencies will reach your chakras at full effect. We’ll stay in touch via WhatsApp.

A session ranges between €25 and €78.

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& Coaching

Intense Ascension Program

Healing & Empowerment Coaching

A 3 to 9 month program with scheduled sessions.

If you are ready to work intensely on your healing progress then this is the option for you. Along side our regular sessions, you will also gain access to tons of recorded healing sessions and guidance for both your healing progress and journey toward deliberate manifestations. While doing shadow- and light-work, I’ll also help you focus your thoughts to align with your soul path.

Aurelia is Amazing

I was looking around for a shadow therapist after having a really bad and very sudden break up. When I… Read more “Aurelia is Amazing”

Dharshi Tharmapala

I can breathe again

I felt stuck in life.
I was often sad, felt depressed and stressed.
Aurelia is a wonderful and… Read more “I can breathe again”

Carola Dani

Life changing

I had so much trauma and emotional upset on a daily basis that prevented me from living the life I… Read more “Life changing”

LaTasha Murrell

Marriage Saved

I am very impressed with the effect the treatments had on me. Already the day after the first session it… Read more “Marriage Saved”

Cecilia Wingård, Sweden

Anxiety, Anger & Depression Relief

She’s really helped me, I felt a change right away. And months later I’m still benefiting from her help. She… Read more “Anxiety, Anger & Depression Relief”

Mallory, USA
Average of 13 Ratings: 5.0 stars

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Average of 13 Ratings: 5.0 stars

Schedule a Call

Book a FREE call with Aurelia to chat about your situation and best options.