Aurelia Angelique

Born in Reykjavik, Iceland and at the young age of two, Aurelia Angelique moved with her family to settle down in Sweden. In later years, as a part of family ties, education, work commitments and pure adventure lust she lived in Reykjavik Iceland, Gotheburg and Stockholm Sweden, Mannheim Germany, Milan Italy, London UK (and quite a few other towns), Lisbon Portugal and now in Caldas da Rainha, just north of Lisbon.

From Designer to Healer

Before getting into energy healing Aurelia Angelique was first a theatre tailor, then an interior designer, jewellery designer, hobby artist and finally web developer and web designer. While her professions were always devoted to design and art, her free time was devoted to music and dancing. Music, art and programming run in her family. It was always a natural choice.

“While I’ve always enjoyed, and still love, the fine arts and running the technical side to my web presence. It never really fulfilled me entirely. Something was missing. “


While creating beautiful environments and getting almost painstakingly obsessed with esthetics in everything that she does, her first and foremost soul’s purpose is practising her innate gifts and trained skills as a healer.

“Healing is my soul’s purpose.”

She was spending a few weeks at her mother’s house in Spain a few years ago when it suddenly all became clear to her. She immediately took an online course in Energy/Chakra Healing. Then did a masters in traditional Usui Reiki Holy Fire. She has always been curious and very philosophical around topics such as the law of attraction, fate, karma and the purpose of our experiences. Now she was diving deep into every aspect of our subtle energy fields, which also included a course in Atlantean & Lemurian Reiki.

She soon also found a course called Energy Medicine, by Donna Eden which gave her an even more profound insight into our chakras and meridians. 

“My soul was on fire, I had found my purpose.”

Yet, while Reiki is truly great. she still wasn’t satisfied. So she asked her spirit guides to lead the way and take her to a healing modality that is even more advanced. And the very next day she found Antojai Quantum Reiki.

WOW. This was it. While Usui Reiki feels subtle to my hands when activating it, Quantum Reiki and Alchemy has so much power and depth. I can feel the character of each frequency, it’s lightness, hotness, force and depth. Working with these frequencies feels incredible, even more so the results and testimonials from clients!”

But this is not the end of the road. While giving sessions to a few friends, they have been telling her that, while the modalities are great, she also has something that cannot be taught. An innate gift. They believe that a great part of the healing effect is actually coming from herself, without any techniques applied. 

“They kept insisting that I’m something else than “a normal human”, and I need to find out what it is. Although it sounded “weird”, I agreed. I could somehow feel it too. So I investigated further. “

Again, asking for divine guidance she came across a Starseed Activation course, held by Starseed, healer and psychic Agathe Fohler. She enrolled on the course as she knew it would help her activate her innate gifts and awaken her memory to her own Starseed origin.

“I am a Starseed, an empath and an Indigo Child, a natural healer. My innate Starseed energies are getting more and more predominant and I can feel it when I’m healing. The frequencies reach deep into the subconscious mind and energy layers where all traumas and issues originate. They bypass the need to reach deeper and deeper before getting to the core. If you are willing, together we go straight to the nut and bolts. No messing around. This is the straightest route to healing that you’ll ever experience.”

– Aurelia Angelique