About Aurelia

When you are born to be a healer and empath, you will first of all be born into an environment that exposes you to toxic people, and you will naturally attract even more toxic people such as narcissists through your adult life. One of the life lessons for a healer and an empath is to learn through experience and on this journey gain a greater understanding when it comes to dealing, healing and setting boundaries. And even more so it lends understanding and compassion toward other people who are living in similar situations.

This is the path that Aurelia has been on. And on this journey she has gone through her ascension journey, healed ancestral conditioning and finally discovered her past lives as Andromedan and Lemurian healers. In her sessions she draws on the amazing frequencies from the Andromedan High Council, unconditional love through the heart chakra from Lemuria and also the beautiful healing frequencies from Antojai® in the form of Quantum Reiki and Quantum Alchemy.