Antojai Quantum Reiki

Antojai Quantum Reiki

Aurelia Angelique is a certified Antojai® Quantum Reiki Grand Master Teacher

Biography of Master Antojai, the founder of Antojai® Quantum Reiki & Alchemy

Axél grew up in shamanic family tradition learning the ancient healing arts of the mind, body, and soul. He’s spent over a decade learning alternative medicine techniques, and over twenty-two years of mastery in medical shamanism. At the early age of six, Axél began his training in traditional shamanism with Monks and Masters around the globe. At age 16, he took on an 8-day shamanic ceremony of death; and spent the next 5 years as a master-apprentice. At 21, he began helping modern communities with psychic mediumship, and spiritual healing. In the summer of 2014, Axél experienced a traumatic life-changing experience that placed him in a PTSD comma like state. 

“The event left me homeless, destroyed, and unable to function. I slept 6 days out of the week! I couldn’t get up to feed myself, or even use the restroom. I was in a prison within my mind… and all my trauma was preventing me from getting out! That’s what lead me to saying, ‘Universe…If this is what my life is here now….I don’t want to be here anymore; BUT… if there is an answer to getting out of this state…I am will to go anywhere to get it.’ About 4 months later I began channeling my soul mission of Antojai Quantum Healing. By mid-2016, Antojai had completely reversed my severe PTSD…and I began helping those who could not find answers within Western Medicine.”Axél

In 2016, he was acknowledged as an Ascended Master, the highest rank attainable within esoteric society. He’s been fulfilling his divine life purpose ever since; developing advanced methods of healing, educating, and awakening the community.

In 2018, Axél established the Antojai Organization. A private organization dedicated to helping young masters, star seeds, and all seeking self-empowerment blossom to their maximum potential. The organization lead to creating Antojai® Ascension Academy, & Antojai® Ascension Temple; online communities for the people of the world seeking New Earth.

He’s been voted  #1 Shaman, Energy Healer, Psychic, and Instructor in 2018, and 2019 for all of Michigan. Antojai’s ranked one of the top instructors in Quantum Medicine on the Global Education Platform called UDEMY.