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Antojai® Quantum Healing – Full Session

90 minutes | 222 Euro

Antojai® is a healing style developed and mastered by Dr. Carrasquillo also known as Master Antojai. Aurelia is a certified Grand Master in this healing style. This high-frequency energy healing dives deep into the subconscious mind so that you can clean it out. Antojai® focuses on the 5 out of body chakras that are tied to your habits, thought patterns, pestering anxieties, fears, past-life trauma, unresolved memories, repressed emotions, environmental health, and intuition.

This session focuses on all chakras, removing blocks, entities, spells and traumas from this and all lifetimes. Each chakra is then balanced and its frequency raised to its highest possible frequency. All childhood and adulthood traumas and negative subconscious beliefs are released and transmuted and both body and mind can begin to heal and adapt to its new elevated energy frequency.

This session is recommended to anyone who hasn’t had a full healing session before. It has the potential to alleviate mental, psychological and physical chronic conditions.

“I have had asthma my entire life and it has been particularly bad in recent years. Instantly after only one session I was absolutely astounded because I could take deep breaths without coughing and gasping for air. For the first time in 5 years!!. I urgently recommend you to try a session for yourself.” – R. Bannon

“I did a few sessions with Prem Tiaga Kaur since I was struggling with deep depression, making it impossible for me to care for my children while I was suffering from self-harming thoughts, a suicidal attempt and alcohol problems. The greatest block got released when she during the session saw a vision of my childhood. She saw my childhood home, my siblings, and my father who was heavily intoxicated. The vision matched one of my memories to the t. I realised where the root of my issues was lying. Since that final session, I have regained my joy for life and I have not touched a drop of alcohol. She saved my life. I am eternally grateful.” – J. Da Mata

Intense Focused Antojai® Quantum Healing

20 minutes | 66 Euro

This session focuses on a specific issue and chakra. Some typical issues to address during this session could be for example self confidence issues, chronic pain/condition in a specific area or part of your body, overcoming heartbreak, female issues and cramps, difficulties standing up for oneself and speaking one’s mind, not knowing your life path or having troubles finding your way. To name a few.

In the session I’ll target one or two chakras that hold the energetic information that is responsible for the issue at hand. I’ll release and transmute all redundant subconscious beliefs and stored negative traumas and alleviate your chakra to higher frequencies.

How It’s Done

All sessions are done remotely for the safety of all parties. Both due to the Covid Pandemic, and also to protect my energy field. When doing healing remotely I can better focus on my work and get less impacted by the energy field of each client. As an empath, I can feel everything. I feel your energy field and I feel your emotions as if they were my own. A remote session is not just as powerful as a session in person, but it’s even more effective since you are not travelling and getting stressed before the session. You are in your own safe and comfortable environment. And my focus stays on healing you, and not on dealing with energies affecting my own field.

In a remote session, I’ll ask you to allow me to access your energy field and accept the healing that I’m giving. We’ll chat quickly over WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger before getting started. I only want to know what issue you are dealing with, without getting into any specific details. When I start the session my mind will be clear and receptive to your energies. After the session I’ll send you another message. Most of my clients are fast asleep at this point and will receive my message only when they wake up. I want you to feel that you can relax and keep resting after the session. It’s best not to set any pressing appointments for a few hours. Set your phone on silent mode, feed your pets so they’ll be sleepy too and send your babysitter away for a long walk.

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I choose not to display a booking calendar at this time, as my available hours vary from week to week. To book a session, PM me on Facebook or send a message via WhatsApp.

Get in touch and we’ll discuss your healing needs and a time that suits us both.




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