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How to heal from emotional trauma

Posted by on 21. March 2022 in Energy Healing, News

How to heal from emotional trauma Life is about change and growth. No matter what we go through, the purpose is always to learn something and grow as a person. Then take that knowledge and build upon it, create something better, richer, more fulfilling, and satisfying. And when we are satisfied, it’s about maintaining and […]

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I unlearned my wrongful conditioning, and you can do it too.

Posted by on 22. February 2022 in Energy Healing

I unlearned my wrongful conditioning, and you can do it too. I have long walked this path of shedding tears, resisting fears, uncovering false beliefs and revising misunderstandings about myself and what I am capable of achieving. I have torn down and transmuted all of my misconceptions, one by one. Traumas, broken relationships, lost friendships, […]

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How to discover your true self!

Posted by on 10. January 2022 in Column - The Path To Success, Energy Healing, Lifestyle

How to discover your true self! Do you know who you are? I mean, honestly, profoundly and sincerely on a soul level? Have you ever reflected on what it is that makes you, YOU? Who were you before your first heartbreak? What about before you were taught that money doesn’t grow on trees or that […]

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The Transformation Pyramid

Posted by on 25. August 2021 in Energy Healing, News

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How I overcame trauma with EFT

Posted by on 09. April 2021 in Energy Healing

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’, or EFT is a universal healing tool with proven results that can aid from several emotional, physical and performance-related issues. Resulting in internal peace and harmony. In an EFT session, a particular sequence of meridian or acupuncture points are stimulated, or tapped in combination with spoken words. […]

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