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How to discover your true self!

Posted by on 10. January 2022 in Column - The Path To Success, Energy Healing, Lifestyle

How to discover your true self! Do you know who you are? I mean, honestly, profoundly and sincerely on a soul level? Have you ever reflected on what it is that makes you, YOU? Who were you before your first heartbreak? What about before you were taught that money doesn’t grow on trees or that […]

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17 Tips to Turn Your Favorite Yoga Music Into an Inspiring Playlist

Posted by on 20. September 2020 in Lifestyle

Maybe you’ve been there: Moving and breathing through a yoga class when suddenly a song comes on that touches you—perhaps you feel inspired, find yourself enjoying a much-needed chuckle, or remembering a poignant moment. It makes perfect sense; sound is a powerful healing too. And yes, sometimes, a teacher’s overall musical selection just feels really…good. […]

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