You’ve applied for one of our rare spots in the Premium 1on1 Option of our 90 day Quantum Healing program “The Transformation Pyramid – Recover from Emotional Abuse”. The goal of the program is to finally and completely heal from emotional trauma and abuse and become emotionally independent and free.

This is what will happen next…

You application will be looked over by myself, Aurelia and my assistant and we will get back to you within the next 24-48 hours and hopefully this will be a fit.

Aurelia is Amazing

I was looking around for a shadow therapist after having a really bad and very sudden break up. When I found Aurelia. Aurelia told me she specialised in breakups from narcissists. I worked with her on my healing and she has helped tremendously with my anxiety. I have also felt really light and good since

Dharshi Tharmapala

I can breathe again

I felt stuck in life.
I was often sad, felt depressed and stressed.
Aurelia is a wonderful and caring person.
She gave comfort and calm.
And after many years, it felt like I could start breathing again.
I am so grateful for both Aurelia and my nice friend who put

Carola Dani

Life changing

I had so much trauma and emotional upset on a daily basis that prevented me from living the life I want. The first thing that happened when I began working with Aurelia was experiencing joy again. It had been so long. Now I am truly free of my past and Aurelia left me with the

LaTasha Murrell
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