The Transformation Pyramid
How to become emotionally independent in 90 days even after suffering from long-term emotional abuse.

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Starting at just €8/month!
This is the most immersive, most in-depth and most connected way to start a permanent change in your life. During this extensive program, you will get a chance to shed all of your shadows, your traumas, your limiting beliefs and rise stronger than ever. Never has there been such a comprehensive program before. You will undergo three meticulously thought through steps, each of them designed to upgrade your emotional state of mind permanently.
You will immediately gain access to a large library of recordings, videos and techniques as well as other exclusive course materials. You can opt for the self-study package and heal in your own space and time. Or join the Group or Premium Packages and join Aurelia every week on Zoom for intense quantum healing and coaching sessions. All members that meet here have joined for the same reason – to become emotionally independent! Will you join them?

The Transformation Pyramid
  I cannot recommend Aurelia’s treatments highly enough… This freedom is wonderful and anyone who is suffering please try working with Aurelia, she may be able to help you where others have failed.  

Only a few spots available. Aurelia limits the number of spots each month as to give the best possible attention to each member!
  • The Transformation Pyramid is ONLY for people that are willing to do the following: 1) Fully commit to a 90-day program 2) Be coachable 3) Push yourself 4) Let go of the past 5) Have fun in the process. If you can do these 5 things, this may be a perfect fit for you.
  • This program isn’t for people that only want to talk about their problems and issues. Pack your tissues away. This isn’t talk therapy. Here we go straight down to the nuts and bolts, highlight what needs to be healed and then release and heal directly on a quantum level so that you never have to talk about these issues ever again.
  • This program is for people who are truly ready to let go of anything that no longer serves them and is causing blocks and unhappiness. This is for people who are ready to say: “I here and now commit to living my best life ever, no matter what I have to let go of in the process”.
  • The Transformation Pyramid is for people who are willing to weekly meet with like-minded people who are all in the same boat. People who all have been exposed to emotional abuse and are now committed to deep healing on all levels. If you are willing to share this space with people with whom you share a similar story, this program is a fit for you.
  When I found the missing pieces to facilitate deep healing, I knew that I had to offer it to people who would otherwise stay in the same cycle for the rest of their lives. It’s a no brainer.  

Don’t Wait a Second Longer to Become Emotionally Free & Independent. Become a Member Today!

What You Get
Weekly Coaching & Quantum Reiki Sessions (Worth €1040 / month)
Plus all of this!!
  • Weekly live coaching & Quantum healing sessions with Aurelia via Zoom.
  • Recordings of all live sessions.
  • 70 hours of pre-recorded Quantum Reiki Shadow- and Lightwork sessions.
  • 7 Chakra balancing Quantum Reiki videos.
  • 19 guided visualisations & meditations for high powered manifestations.
  • Monthly progress feedback

Plus you’re getting these amazing bonuses as well when you join today:
  • Download access to the 3-volume book “The Path to Success” by Aurelia Angelique
  • Detailed information about our energy fields and do-it-yourself healing exercises.
  • Downloadable progress journal
  • Questionnaire – Track your starting point and end goal
  • The Emotional Compass – Track your emotional journey.
  • Community Support Via Our Soul Fam Facebook Group.

Total Worth:
4640,- EURO plus over 2 decades of research & experience.
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UP TO 98% OFF!!
The full value of the program is €4640.

This program is life-changing. And it’s one of a kind. Nowhere else will you find techniques and modalities in a single program that releases all of your core issues and deepest trauma in 90 days.
It then elevates your mind and spirit to a new sense of well-being and then finally pushes you to establish new thought and action patterns and habits from your new elevated state. This program is truly unique. Through weekly sessions for three whole months no stone is left un-turned when it comes to guiding every single member of this program toward full and complete emotional independence. Aurelia is one of a kind.
“This is the last healing program you will ever need!”
LaTascha, USA

  I had so much trauma and emotional upset on a daily basis that prevented me from living the life I want. The first thing that happened when I began working with Aurelia was experiencing joy again. It had been so long. Now I am truly free of my past and Aurelia left me with the tools to create the life I want. My spiritual path is also opening before me and gifts were activated. Aurelia is a compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable healer. My life is changed and I am truly grateful. I would absolutely recommend working with her.  
Cecilia Wingård, Sweden

  I am very impressed with the effect the treatments had on me. Already the day after the first session it gave an overwhelming effect. After three sessions I now feel that some of the blockages have loosened and at the same time, I have learned new things about myself that will lead me forward in my development.  
Kelsy Dianne, USA

  I cannot recommend Aurelia’s treatments highly enough. I came to Aurelia because I was having serious, disturbing thoughts of self-harm. I was not acting on them but having such thoughts was very upsetting to me. I didn’t know what else to do. I felt traditional medicine had failed me though I take medications daily. (…) It’s like she allowed me to get out of my own way and live more in line with who I truly am, without disturbing thoughts sidetracking me. This freedom is wonderful and anyone who is suffering please try working with Aurelia.  

Why do you need this program? And why is now the best time ever to join?
  • Quantum Reiki is the most effective modality out there…
    when it comes to releasing and transmuting stuck energies such as trauma. Every experience a person ever has is stored in our energy fields causing turmoil when the experiences have been negative. You will find many approaches that address the effects of trauma, such as depression or unwanted behaviours. But none as quick and effective as Antojai Quantum Reiki. Aurelia was trained by the founder of The Antojai Ascencion Acedemy, Ascended Master, Certified Reiki Grand Master, Naturopathic Metaphysician, and Master Shaman healer Axél Carrasquillo Msc.D. Aurelia is a certified Quantum Reiki Grand Master & Teacher.
  • Starseed ascension frequencies …
    will not only elevate you but also open up your path towards your ascension and a life that is built on high vibrational frequencies and unconditional love. As an Andromedan (a 12D star race of healers) Starseed, Aurelia taps into 12th-dimensional frequencies during the sessions that will raise your overall vibration to a renewed and permanent state of well-being.
  • Combining energy healing and hard science…
    does not only help you with your healing and ascension progress, but you will also learn how new healthy habits are truly created. When knowledge about the 95% programs of our subconscious minds, quantum entanglement and the hardwiring of neurological synapses are combined with 12th-dimensional healing frequencies. This is when real change becomes possible.
  • The ascension of the planet is supporting your healing journey.
    Never has there been a better time to release all of the old that has been holding you back from living a happy life. The planet is ascending and facilitating the ascension of all its inhabitants. As the vibration is being raised, all of the negative attachments of the past are rising to the surface. This can bring about great turmoil. But if you join the ascension train now, then it’s the greatest opportunity this world has ever seen to rise above the turmoil and live and originally intended: Emotionally free and independent!

Choose between 3 program options!
Your experiences are very personal to you and it is so important that you get the best support available throughout your healing journey. This means something else to everyone. And that is why we have carefully created 3 different options so that you can choose the one that will help you the most. Do you like to learn and heal at your own pace and time? Or do you thrive in a group dynamic of like-minded people that are dealing with similar issues as you? Or would you prefer personal and 100% hands-on sessions with your healer? Whatever your personal preference, there is an option to cater for your unique healing needs.
“This is the last healing program you will ever need!”
Hermit Member


You will gain full access to the program via an online account. Here you can learn and heal in your own time and space. Choose between a total
70 Quantum Reiki audio recordings, Chakra healing recordings and a large library of high mindset manifestation tools.
For as little as €8 per month!! or €96 for a full year you will finally have the opportunity to heal from your past wounds without breaking the bank.
Premium Member

€2250 or €750/month

As a Premium Member you will enjoy all of the benefits of the online training and healing on your account as well as the online Facebook community while also receiving
personalized hands-on healing and coaching with your healer Aurelia.
This 3 month program is the most intense and beneficial option as Aurelia will be constantly pushing boundaries to help you grow and heal. Are you ready for this challenge and commitment?
Loyalty Member

€78 per session

As a Loyalty Member you will have
10 flexible healing sessions at a whopping 70% discount
at your disposal. You’ll be part of our online Facebook community while also receiving personalized hands-on healing and coaching with your healer Aurelia. This is our most flexible option as all sessions are booked on the fly to fit your personal needs and requirements.