Complete Chakra Transformation – The Extended Collection



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Complete Chakra Transformation – The Extended Collection

Quantum Reiki & Alchemy Sessions, Chakra Visuals, Descriptions & “Do It Yourself” Methods

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Are you feeling blocked in your life? Do you constantly fall into the same traps and patterns?

I know that these patterns are not easy to change. Like me, you’ve probably tried it all. Read every book and followed various methods and tried different modalities. They all work to a certain point. And then you bounce back into the same old patterns. This can be your love life, career, finances, or health.

Did you know that we have 7 main Chakras, which each govern a part of our body, personality, and how we interact with the world? The Root Chakra for example governs our sense of security, stability, belonging, and abundance. It also governs the health of our sexual organs, legs, and feet. The Solar Plexus Chakra is the seat of our confidence, knowing who we are and it governs all organs nearby. Our energy fields store the vibration of every single experience that we have, going about in our daily lives. The good ones, and the bad ones. This means that, if we are taught that we are worthy and deserving of love and that abundance is our birthright, then this information is stored in our Chakras and subconscious minds. And every single thought and action will reflect these beliefs.


The problem…


This is especially true when we grow up with a narcissistic or otherwise unstable or abusive parent. No matter what the intentions are, a person that does not feel worthy, cannot teach anyone else to feel worthy of themselves. And as we mimic and copy our daily role models, we grow up believing that we are not worthy and this affects every single thought and decision making as adults. Furthermore, it affects our mental and physical health.

The Solution!

When we identify with who we think that we are today, we are often identifying with expressions of our limiting beliefs. We might think that we are timid, unsure, afraid of certain things, or simply unable to make certain changes in our lives because we believe that “this is just who I am and I have to accept it”. But the truth is that irrational fears and damaging habits are not who anyone really is! It’s only how we are expressing ourselves as a result of accumulated energy imprints.

It is when these limiting imprints are removed, that we can finally start expressing our true selves!


What you get


Digital copies of recorded video & audio healing sessions that each are directed at a different Chakra in your body and a digital copy of the book “A Crash Course in Energy Fields” as well as a digital copy of the Chakra Journal so that you can keep track of your healing progress day by day.

Aurelia sends Quantum Reiki & Alchemy frequencies to each Chakra that will help in opening and balancing the Chakra while releasing negative energies and experiences. Both the video and audio are equally powerful while the audio sessions have the added benefit of brainwaves. The audio is best used for longer sessions or while sleeping. The body will absorb and release as much as it can during a single session and 60 minutes is fully sufficient for the first 2-3 sessions. After a few sessions shorter 15 minute session can be enough, depending on your starting point and how much you need to clear and heal.
You can work on all Chakras in one day. However, please allow 4-7 days between further sessions as the body will continue to work on the energies for a few days. Also, refrain from any other healing modalities and non-prescription drugs or alcohol during this time as not to interfere with the healing process.



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Additional information

Root Chakra Package

Recordings & Visuals with information about the Chakra.

Sacral Chakra Package


Solar Plexus Package



About the author
Aurelia Angelique is a Quantum Reiki Grand Master & Teacher and author of the book "The Path To Success". She specializes in facilitating healing and recovery from emotional trauma. In addition to doing Shadow Work as a Grand Master, she also channels 12th Dimensional frequencies from the Andromedan Council as part of her Ascension Lightwork. Aurelias' Shadow & Lightwork sessions help clients reclaim their Emotional Freedom and Autonomy.

Emotional Freedom
Finally a complete healing program for those who are ready for the next level
This complete deep healing 90 day program is for those people looking to finally shed the trauma of the past with shadow work, amplify their well-being with light-work and finally take deliberate manifestations to the next level!!