How I overcame trauma with EFT

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

‘Emotional Freedom Technique’, or EFT is a universal healing tool with proven results that can aid from several emotional, physical and performance-related issues. Resulting in internal peace and harmony. In an EFT session, a particular sequence of meridian or acupuncture points are stimulated, or tapped in combination with spoken words. These are designed to release blockages from the meridians and alter limiting subconscious programming that co-relate to the emotional words that are being expressed. The result is the freedom from the old, emotionally attached programs and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and placing roadblocks in your path. With these old beliefs now no longer holding you back, performance can improve, and the body and mind can start to heal.

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Clearing these old programs, wounds and traumas from the body is an ongoing process. Each experience in life that is causing us any kind of pain or discomfort can inspire to do a tapping sequence and release the emotional wounds that are at the root of our discomforts.

Our bodies are made up of electrical energy and tapping meridian points sends a signal to the brain in the same way that an imbalance in the body sends the signal of pain to the brain. And just as our bodies manifest pain to communicate with us that something is out of balance. Our experiences are the universal language that is telling us to heal our emotional wounds. To manifest or mirror better experiences.

Emotional Triggers

Emotional triggers are events or situations that trigger emotional reactions based on underlying issues. Issues that are stored in the subconscious mind. Recognising a trigger is an essential step in understanding the actual reason behind the response. The underlying issue is usually some kind of trauma or false self-belief. When faced with certain situations, these can be brought to the surface and trigger anger, sadness, depression or anxiety.

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 Detecting the core issue behind a trigger can be tricky. Especially when it reaches far back in time and can’t even be remembered anymore. But with some patience and releasing one issue and shedding one layer at the time, the actual program will be found. And the emotional charge to the event released from the body and the subconscious mind.

Tapping Sequences

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About the author
Aurelia Angelique is a Quantum Reiki Grand Master & Teacher and author of the book "The Path To Success". She specializes in facilitating healing and recovery from emotional trauma. In addition to doing Shadow Work as a Grand Master, she also channels 12th Dimensional frequencies from the Andromedan Council as part of her Ascension Lightwork. Aurelias' Shadow & Lightwork sessions help clients reclaim their Emotional Freedom and Autonomy.

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