How to heal from emotional trauma

How to heal from emotional trauma

Life is about change and growth. No matter what we go through, the purpose is always to learn something and grow as a person. Then take that knowledge and build upon it, create something better, richer, more fulfilling, and satisfying. And when we are satisfied, it’s about maintaining and appreciating this. Count our blessings and continue to prosper. 

But there are times when this cycle is disrupted and we find it difficult to move past our experiences. Limiting beliefs and hardships in life are often difficult to move past. The reason for this is that we usually try to change through force and reason.  We understand logically what’s gone wrong but feel emotionally stuck. Creating change from a conscious and intellectual perspective is difficult because in the process we have to override the emotional imprint that has come from our experiences. And the emotional imprint is programmed into our subconscious mind and our energy fields. 

These programs in turn are driving 95-99% of everything that we do, say, and feel. So, trying to create permanent change through logic and reason – or the conscious mind – is a bit like doing a cross-country trek on foot. With enough planning, we’ll eventually reach our goal. But the journey is long and strenuous. Plenty of rest if required, and sometimes we get off track, underestimating the effort required to get from A to B.

Shadow- and Light-Work on the other hand override this long “1 step forward, 2 steps back” journey by directly accessing and releasing our subconsciously stored traumas. And this is so important because it is our traumas that are keeping us from moving forward. Releasing and transmuting traumas and limiting beliefs from a subconscious quantum level is the secret to true healing!

And this is why I have put together a 90 day program that will help you do just that. I would like you to take a few minutes to check out what you get and what’s possible for you when you join this program. Please click on the link and make an active decision to release the past and start moving into a life of possibilities and positive expectations. You deserve to feel free and happy. This is the first step!


About the author
Aurelia Angelique is a Quantum Reiki Grand Master & Teacher and author of the book "The Path To Success". She specializes in facilitating healing and recovery from emotional trauma. In addition to doing Shadow Work as a Grand Master, she also channels 12th Dimensional frequencies from the Andromedan Council as part of her Ascension Lightwork. Aurelias' Shadow & Lightwork sessions help clients reclaim their Emotional Freedom and Autonomy.

Emotional Freedom
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