How to overcome mind blocks

When do you have your best ideas?

Mind blocks can be hard to overcome. When you are staring at a blank screen or blank sheet of paper, trying to force out a new concept from your brain? You’re most likely to have a mind block and not getting a single good idea.

Or when you are in a relaxed state of mind and distracted with something that you enjoy doing?

Brilliant ideas, epiphanies and inspiration is your higher self or pure consciousness, guiding you to be the best you can be. What if you would listen more often to your inspiration and less to what people are telling you?

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Turn your focus inward, to your heart centre. Discover how quiet it is, free of worries and expectations. Stay in this present moment for a while and listen to the inspiration. It is from this state of mind that you are in your real power and can create the life that you intended.

Inner Peace

It is also in this state of mind that you can discover your inner peace and bliss: while in the present moment. When you are entirely in the present moment – not a second away from this one – you are not worrying about anything.

You cannot be in the present moment and simultaneously be thinking about your day at work. You cannot be angry at anyone; you cannot be worrying about the future or be resentful about something in the past. You also cannot engage in the constant mind chatter of fears, worries, plans, sad memories, happy memories, and at the same time, be in the moment.

If you have ever tried to meditate after a stressful day, or even after an enjoyable and exciting day? It will be entirely impossible for you to enter a relaxed and clear state of mind when you are excited. Your mind will be too busy, consumed with thoughts and chatter. Without the comforting distractions of people texting you, tasks, chores, entertainment, funny cat videos, DIY tutorials.

Meditation Helps

Sitting down to meditate will only amplify the chatter. In other words, you do not meditate in the traditional sense of quieting your mind, to find inner peace. Finding inner peace is what calms the mind and invites to enter a state of meditation.

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The inner chatter and turmoil are not natural conditioning of being human. It’s is merely a consequence to continually being overloaded with information. There are busy schedules to meet. New trends to keep up with and new items to possess. It’s a constant triggering of the fight or flight response, second-guessing our choices, comparing ourselves to others, not feeling good enough and the judging of the self and others.

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