How to tap away anxiety with EFT

EFT works effectively and quickly.

The results vary and can be seen after a single session and sometimes after several sessions. It is advisable to do daily sessions to clear all of the blockages in the meridians and reprogram the limiting and false beliefs that are stored in the subconscious mind.

As blockages are released, underlying issues can come to the surface and cause some temporary emotional or even physical discomfort. This is an important part of the process and nothing to worry about. If in any doubt, contact your physician.

Allow the emotions to come through as part of the cleansing process and let them transmute and dissipate. Do not hold onto the emotions that are surfacing as you might suppress them back into place and diminish the positive effects of the tapping sequences.

The Tapping Points

EFT, Tapping Sequence

1 – Getting started with EFT

Rate the intensity level of your pain or issue from 1 being low to 10 being the highest. And the end of the tapping sequence re-rate your emotional charge for the issue. Set a clear intention for what it is that you want to resolve. Then say the phrases out loud or in your mind as you are tapping through the entire sequence.

2 – The EFT Tapping sequence

Rub the sore spot gently, then tap each of the remaining points rhythmically 7-8 times. As the first point is being tapped, say out loud the first phrase that applies to your issue. As you move on to the next meridian point, also move on to the next phrase.


Repeat the entire sequence and use the suggested phrases given for each round, or formulate your own phrases.


Focus on the issue

1&2 Rub the sore spot and tap karate chop

Even though I am resisting to let go of…, I choose to love accept and honour myself anyway.

Even though I resist to let go of…, I have certain thoughts and feelings about this, which leads to certain actions or lack of actions. It is not serving me well and I may need to change my thoughts.

And even though I resist change, I choose to deeply and completely love and accept myself and anyone else that has had a contributing factor (name person here if you like).

Tap the remaining points

I am afraid to let go of …

I have so much fear and resistance to letting go of …

I identify with …

I don’t want to let go of …

I believe that it has kept me safe.

And I appreciate the attempts to keep me safe.



Tap points 3-11

Even though I have been unwilling to let go.

Even though I have this …

Even though my body is gripped with …

Even though I have held onto this for such a long time.

I am willing to love and accept myself anyway.



Tap points 3-11

This is not serving me anymore.

I don’t need it anymore to feel safe.

It is only keeping me from what I want.

I now understand that it is a false belief.

It has been holding me back and blocking me.

I can let go of this and create change now.



Tap points 3-11

I don’t need to justify what has been.

I can simply choose to be free.

It’s ok to choose new thoughts and emotions.

Changing my thoughts is not a weakness.

I can choose empowering thoughts now.



Tap points 3-11

I am free of my old thoughts.

Past events don’t define me anymore.

They have made me stronger and wiser.

I am now choosing empowering thoughts.

I am strong and worthy of love and all good things.


When you are done tapping the 5 rounds, assess your emotions.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you now rate your emotions on the issue? Note down the date as well to keep track of your improvements.

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Aurelia Angelique is a Quantum Reiki Grand Master & Teacher and author of the book "The Path To Success". She specializes in facilitating healing and recovery from emotional trauma. In addition to doing Shadow Work as a Grand Master, she also channels 12th Dimensional frequencies from the Andromedan Council as part of her Ascension Lightwork. Aurelias' Shadow & Lightwork sessions help clients reclaim their Emotional Freedom and Autonomy.

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