I unlearned my wrongful conditioning, and you can do it too.

I have long walked this path of shedding tears, resisting fears, uncovering false beliefs and revising misunderstandings about myself and what I am capable of achieving. I have torn down and transmuted all of my misconceptions, one by one. Traumas, broken relationships, lost friendships, negative experiences, inherited beliefs about my potential, ideas about who I am, what I can do, what I can accomplish; I’ve put them all under scrutiny. I’ve questioned everything. I’ve left no stone un-turned and stopped at nothing.

It’s been a mission of unlearning what doesn’t serve my highest good and the re-learning of what does. I say re-learning because I genuinely believe that we all come to this world with an understanding of our true selves as we are born. A knowledge that we quickly forget with each experience, each burnt finger and each disappointment as we’re seeking instant gratifications while blaming the world for being unjust and unfair.

The reason that I’m sharing this with you now is because you can do it too!! I know that because I have seen the proof many times over. I have had people, all great empaths, come to me and describe themselves as “a hot mess” or say things like “I can’t remember the last time I felt happy and relaxed. Or even safe”.

Recognizing that every single one of these beautiful people were so ready to finally let go of all of the trauma of the past. So eager to finally start living!! I signed them onto my healing program and watched the transformation happening before my eyes, week by week.

As a healer there is nothing more satisfying than observing this transformation and knowing that this person will then turn off their camera and live a happy life! And it gets better still. After this 90 day program that helped each soul reach their full potential, a ripple effect of benefits starts. Because each person that a healed person interacts with will benefit from the positive and heightened state of mind of one. A smile helps someone through their day. A kind act give another a new perspective. A hug fosters inner love in another.

When we are suffering it can be hard to have a positive influence on the world. But when we are healed, wow, that’s when amazing things start to happen. We stop looking at life through the lens of the past and start embracing the present moment while envisioning a bright future. We start offering a helping hand or a smile more often without expecting anything in return. We become so full of love that we want to share more and take less. And soon we’re surrounded by people who are the same. Kindred spirits, all so full of love that giving is the most natural act known.

Does this sound like Utopia? A pretty dream? All I’m saying is that I see great empaths heal from great suffering all the time. And as they start living in the light, leaving the shadows behind, each and everyone of them asks me, how they too can start helping people reach for the light and become emotionally sovereign.