Most important healing tip you’ll ever hear about!

There are so many facets to healing and moving past the effects of the past. And while I know what a vital role energy healing plays in the recovery process…

All of the external factors in your life are equally important. Factors like the people that you surround yourself with, the thoughts that you engage in, and the foods that you put into your body!

Whenever I get sloppy about any of these factors I immediately feel a change in my mood and energy levels. Low energy external factors trigger low energy mental and physical states.

This means that permanent healing has to happen on both ends of the spectrum. Inside out and outside in. In other words Quantum healing (inside out) and lifestyle choices (outside in).

An example for this is cutting out sugar and empty carbs from your diet and eating only nourishing foods like my made from scratch Eggs Benedict on home baked almond flour toast!! Sooo yummy!!!

Another example is cutting out people that aren’t genuine, kind and loving towards you and instead letting people in that are. Letting only people in that you feel love for. That you feel proud to be associated with and happy to share your deepest thoughts and emotions with. Having that is equally nourishing as healthy organic good. 

Nourishing thoughts that make you feel good about your life and your choices are just as important as deep inner healing through shadow work.

I do both every single week. Because I know how strong it makes me and how much my inner work affects my outcomes and manifestations. And because I know how strongly my choices affect my inner and physical well-being.

And that is self-love!! Deliberately and unapologetically filling your life with choices that nourish your body, mind and soul. And then being a source of inspiration for others to do the same.

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