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How to discover your true self!

Posted by on 10. January 2022 in Column - The Path To Success, Energy Healing, Lifestyle

How to discover your true self! Do you know who you are? I mean, honestly, profoundly and sincerely on a soul level? Have you ever reflected on what it is that makes you, YOU? Who were you before your first heartbreak? What about before you were taught that money doesn’t grow on trees or that […]

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How I overcame trauma with EFT

Posted by on 09. April 2021 in Energy Healing

EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’, or EFT is a universal healing tool with proven results that can aid from several emotional, physical and performance-related issues. Resulting in internal peace and harmony. In an EFT session, a particular sequence of meridian or acupuncture points are stimulated, or tapped in combination with spoken words. […]

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How to tap away anxiety with EFT

Posted by on 02. April 2021 in Energy Healing

EFT works effectively and quickly. The results vary and can be seen after a single session and sometimes after several sessions. It is advisable to do daily sessions to clear all of the blockages in the meridians and reprogram the limiting and false beliefs that are stored in the subconscious mind. As blockages are released, […]

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How to overcome mind blocks

Posted by on 26. March 2021 in Energy Healing

When do you have your best ideas? Mind blocks can be hard to overcome. When you are staring at a blank screen or blank sheet of paper, trying to force out a new concept from your brain? You’re most likely to have a mind block and not getting a single good idea. Or when you […]

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Why your subconscious mind is ruining your life!

Posted by on 19. March 2021 in Energy Healing

Feeling worthy vs unworthy The subconscious mind is the part of us that determines whether we feel empowered, or defeated. Worthy of unworthy. What’s programmed into your subconscious minds until our 7th year determines if we are successful, happy with our bodies, of happy at all. Empowerment is an emotion and an energy frequency, a […]

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