Free from Addiction & Depression!


I did a few sessions with Aurelia since I was struggling with deep depression, making it impossible for me to care for my children while I was suffering from self-harming thoughts, a suicidal attempt and alcohol problems. The greatest block got released when she during the session saw a vision of my childhood. She saw my childhood home, my siblings, and my father who was heavily intoxicated. The vision matched one of my memories to the t. I realised where the root of my issues was lying.

Since that final session, I have regained my joy for life and I have not touched a drop of alcohol. The healing has also affected my ability to feel compassion and empathy. I feel love more profoundly than ever before.

We also spoke a lot about the power of words on our health and how our words and actions affect ourselves and others. I now have an entirely transformed view of how to treat people. Especially those that love me, as they are affected the most by my actions. I now choose my words carefully and choose to speak only from a place of love and empowerment. She saved my life. I am eternally grateful.

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