Aurelia is Amazing

I was looking around for a shadow therapist after having a really bad and very sudden break up. When I found Aurelia. Aurelia told me she specialised in breakups from narcissists. I worked with her on my healing and she has helped tremendously with my anxiety. I have also felt really light and good since my sessions with her. I am also over my break up and have healed alot of my childhood trauma.

Dharshi Tharmapala

I can breathe again

I felt stuck in life.
I was often sad, felt depressed and stressed.
Aurelia is a wonderful and caring person.
She gave comfort and calm.
And after many years, it felt like I could start breathing again.
I am so grateful for both Aurelia and my nice friend who put me in touch with her.

Carola Dani

Life changing

I had so much trauma and emotional upset on a daily basis that prevented me from living the life I want. The first thing that happened when I began working with Aurelia was experiencing joy again. It had been so long. Now I am truly free of my past and Aurelia left me with the tools to create the life I want. My spiritual path is also opening before me and gifts were activated.
Aurelia is a compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable healer. My life is changed and I am truly grateful. I would absolutely recommend working with her.

LaTasha Murrell

Marriage Saved

I am very impressed with the effect the treatments had on me. Already the day after the first session it gave an overwhelming effect. After three sessions I now feel that some of the blockages have loosened and at the same time, I have learned new things about myself that will lead me forward in my development.

Cecilia Wingård, Sweden

Anxiety, Anger & Depression Relief

She’s really helped me, I felt a change right away. And months later I’m still benefiting from her help. She helped me with my anxiety, anger and depression.

Mallory, USA

Free from heavy depression

I cannot recommend Aurelia’s treatments highly enough. I came to Aurelia because I was having serious, disturbing thoughts of self-harm. I was not acting on them but having such thoughts was very upsetting to me. I didn’t know what else to do. I felt traditional medicine had failed me though I take medications daily. My doctor told me he could not do anything more for me. I was in a dark place; then I met Aurelia online. As I asked about her and what she does I realized that she may be able to help me.
Now, following just two treatments the thoughts are largely at bay. I feel positive and alive again, rather than just fighting my thoughts I’m excelling and doing things I never thought possible.

It’s like she allowed me to get out of my own way and live more in line with who I truly am, without disturbing thoughts sidetracking me. This freedom is wonderful and anyone who is suffering please try working with Aurelia, she may be able to help you where others have failed. I am an empowerment coach and feel she is in line with the empowerment of anyone she serves.

Kelsy Dianne, USA

Drinking Problem Vanished

I did a few sessions with Aurelia since I was struggling with deep depression, making it impossible for me to care for my children while I was suffering from self-harming thoughts, a suicidal attempt and alcohol problems. The greatest block got released when she during the session saw a vision of my childhood. She saw my childhood home, my siblings, and my father who was heavily intoxicated. The vision matched one of my memories to the t. I realized where the root of my issues was lying.
Since that final session, I have regained my joy for life and I have not touched a drop of alcohol. The healing has also affected my ability to feel compassion and empathy. I feel love more profoundly than ever before.

We also spoke a lot about the power of words on our health and how our words and actions affect ourselves and others. I now have an entirely transformed view of how to treat people. Especially those that love me, as they are affected the most by my actions. I now choose my words carefully and choose to speak only from a place of love and empowerment. She saved my life. I am eternally grateful.

J. Da Mata, Angola

Blockages Gone

When I had treatments from Aurelia I felt almost instant relief in the energy blockages in question. I found she has a clear intuition where to be guided and her feedback from this has been very interesting and beneficial to me and that I could connect to.

Susanne B, Sweden

Amazing Results!

Amazing results! She was very perceptive and made me feel comfortable during the entire session. I’d recommend her to anyone.

Patrick G, Australia

Finally Moving Forward

I’ve always had this block, like this inability to move forward in some areas of my life. I tried all of the techniques and modalities and got nowhere. Now I’m finally understanding what was causing it and I could feel blocks releasing even after just one session. I’ll be booking a few more for sure.

Anne Leigh, USA

All Blocks Released

I spent one session just talking about what’s holding me back in life and what’s causing it, then a couple of healing sessions releasing those blocks. I’m very pleased and Aurelia is such a kind and gentle person. You’re completely safe in her healing hands.

Denise, USA

Crisis Over

I soon felt how the hard “knot” of difficult energy was dissolved, which I myself did not manage to resolve for 2 weeks. The “healing feeling” continued the day / days after. It means so much to get that particular light in, because it in turn makes it easier for more healing to get through. In short, I am over the “crisis” and land a little in this, but will probably soon order another session for perhaps even deeper processing.

Sanna, Sweden

Asthma Relief

I have had asthma my entire life and it has been particularly bad in recent years. Instantly after only one session I was absolutely astounded because I could take deep breaths without coughing and gasping for air. For the first time in 5 years!!. I urgently recommend you to try a session for yourself.

R. Bannon, Portugal

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"Over the years, I have helped people like yourself overcome small and large issues and tribulations. I'm most proud of the results with customers who were told that they would have to live with their infliction for the rest of their lives, while being dependent on medications, and have instead reported that they are healed! Please share your experience with others so that they too can benefit and live a better life."

- Aurelia Angelique

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Haven't had any sessions with Aurelia yet? You can change your story too. When the sum of our life experiences - in this lifetime and beyond - are stored in our subtle energy fields and are causing us so much pain and hardship, it is only logical that removing these stored energies, instantly removes the root cause to whatever it is that ails us. When the root cause has been removed, the body and mind can again thrive and recover.

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