Do you know who you are?

I mean, honestly, profoundly and sincerely on a soul level?

Have you ever reflected on what it is that makes you, YOU?

Who were you before your first heartbreak?

What about before you were taught that money doesn’t grow on trees or that you are pretty but not that smart, or intelligent but not a natural beauty?

Who were you before you were taught to shield your feelings, please your parents, defy your parents’ wishes, be a good son or daughter, be rebellious?

I want you to try something for me right now. Get into a quiet place, turn off your TV, stereo, tablet, phone and any other device that is holding your focus away from yourself.

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Turn your attention within and listen only to your heart.

Listen carefully.

Can you hear its beat, the thump, the blood pumping between the chambers and filling your veins with life?

What else do you hear?

Can you hear the silence and stillness?

What is missing in this stillness?

At your core, there is no criticism, no memories playing on repeat, worries, overthinking, decision making, perfectionism or stress.

The silence that you are hearing is the love that makes you, YOU. Listen carefully, and you will understand who you truly are.

Hearing the silence within is to illuminate your path towards the era of enlightenment and ascension. To understand your truth is to crush and remove all borders and all limitations from your life.

Love is who you are; there is nothing else. Everything else is just an illusion. To break free from the illusion of fear, you need to develop an understanding of the greatness that is you. You need to understand your wholeness and feel compassion towards all that you are. And I am here to show you how.

Forget about limitations and fear that are setting boundaries around your true potential. Fear is nothing but the absence of love. Living in fear or anger means that you are missing a part of who you are.

If you are spending more time worrying about things than being in the present moment. Then you have lost yourself somewhere along the way. And now you’re fumbling in the darkness of your heart where love is supposed to reside.

Meanwhile, all you need do is turn the switch, turn the light back on and view your world around you as you have never done it before.

In the light, words are sweeter, colours brighter and more saturated, food tastes more luxurious, your senses are heightened, and you’re in awe of the beauty of this planet.

You’ll be drawn to nature. You’ll hear its sounds with a sharper ear, smell its perfumes with your entire being and see its colours and shapes with clarity as you’ve never experienced it before.

This way of experiencing the world is how I perceive illumination and ascension: from a place of love. Just as intended before we were born into this world, it’s who you were before you became cautious and fearful and started to build walls to protect yourself.

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You cannot experience the world from within those walls. You can only experience the echo of your fears and limitations as they are bouncing off the cold stone surface and reflecting at you your thoughts and beliefs.

But you don’t perceive them as your own. You see a job, a mean boss, a controlling parent, an unloving partner. And you blame everything on them, not understanding that you are only arguing with your very own thoughts and beliefs.

So, I have a proposal for you.

Together, let’s make a real change. Join me on this journey to your heart.

It started as my journey, and I am now taking you along for a ride that will open your eyes, widen your horizon, tear down those walls and let you explore this world as it was originally intended for you.

It’s a world where you are in your power, where you are sure and where you are confident. It’s a world of justice, solutions, integrity, balance, purity, kindness, compassion, beauty, inspiration, health and caring for one another.

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I have long walked this path of shedding tears, resisting fears, uncovering false beliefs and revising misunderstandings about myself and what I am capable of achieving. I have torn down and transmuted all of my misconceptions, one by one. Traumas, broken relationships, lost friendships, negative experiences, inherited beliefs about my potential, ideas about who I am, what I can do, what I can accomplish; I’ve put them all under scrutiny. I’ve questioned everything. I’ve left no stone unturned and stopped at nothing.

It’s been a mission of unlearning what doesn’t serve my highest good and the re-learning of what does. I say re-learning because I genuinely believe that we all come to this world with an understanding of our true selves as we are

born. A knowledge that we quickly forget with each experience, each burnt finger and each disappointment as we’re seeking instant gratifications while blaming the world for being unjust and unfair.

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In my pursuit, I’ve asked myself questions such as:

Why am I having this experience, and what is it meant to teach me?

Why has it created limits and boundaries in my life, why can’t I move on, and why must I always revisit the past and repeat the cycle?

Are these experiences supposed to limit me?

Am I supposed to live within the boundaries of a fence for the rest of my life to stay protected or divided from any further experiences that I can perceive as negative and harmful?

Must I always be fearful of the snake that’s hiding in the tall grass?

Have I become that snake?

Ouroboros graphic vector illustration. Snake eating its own tail, eternity esoteric symbol.

Perpetually ready to inject venom into bypassers and trespassers. Those that knowingly or unknowingly are invading my space and treading on my path without an invitation?

What if I was never supposed to become defensive, but instead was meant to learn to appreciate and love each experience for the wisdom it’s given me?

The conclusion that I finally came to was that protection from harm would only bring about more harm. The snake in the tall grass is spewing venom only at itself.

The snake is harming itself and will eat its own tail until it learns to love itself.

That’s the cycle of karma.

The cycle can only break when the snake isn’t biting its tail any longer, or when we stop harming ourselves with negative self-talk and destructive behaviours. In other words, when we learn to love ourselves.

You see, the fence never protected me from the dangers on the outside, like a fox lurking around the fence of the chicken coop.

All it did was trap the fox on the inside.

These walls that we build don’t protect us.

They keep the anger, trauma, frustration and fear trapped inside, within ourselves.

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We hold onto the false belief that resentment, hurt, anger and blame are protecting us from making the same mistakes twice. We trap these emotions within as a silent reminder, not to trust blindly again, not to be naive and foolish, to stay reserved and not let anyone in before they have proven their worth.

We think to ourselves: I’ll keep this memory close to my heart so that I’ll act wiser in the future. But clinging to emotions of the past is not making us any more sensible. It’s only keeping us trapped in the past and stuck in the cycle of eating our own tails. And each time that we remember the past, we are activating the very same emotion today, as if the event that caused it was not in the past but the present, right here and right now.

And in doing so, we’re activating the frequency of that emotion.  

Anger and fear are very low vibrating frequencies. Everything in this universe is frequencies of light. The higher and closer to love and bliss you are vibrating, the brighter the light. The further away from the light you get, the darker and the more detrimental it becomes.

And now that you are stuck in past hurtful events, you are putting yourself in a low vibrating frequency where there is much absence of light. And to make things worse, not only is the activation of that negative frequency keeping you from moving forward in life but in the long run, it can also cause harm to your body and your health.

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Emotions like anger and fear will trigger the fight or flight response in your body, a state in which your cortisol level or your primary stress hormone is on a high, and all of your reactions and actions are focused in your arms and legs so that you can protect yourself. At the same time, other vital functions switch off, such as your immune system and your body’s ability to heal and regenerate. In time, disease and chronic illness will manifest in your mind and body.

Your entire energy field becomes blocked, stagnant and stifled.

Now you might ask yourself:

Then, how do I protect myself?

If holding onto my experiences is only going to harm my body, lower my emotional state and stifle my progress, then what do I do?

The answer, in short, is never to allow any experience to harden you, shut you off from risking again, and never close your heart.

 Your experiences are your paths to higher wisdom, and not to your self-made imprisonment.

Once you understand the greater picture, how karma works, the significance of our emotions, the creative power of our thoughts, the impact of our subconscious beliefs and the role of our energy fields, you’ll realise that to be wise is not to be vigilant and cautious.

You’ll see that being sarcastic and critical is not to be intelligent and educated.

And to love with an open heart is not the same as being naive and gullible.

We’ve got it all wrong.

We’ve put the meanings of love and fear on its head.

Being fearful or cautious is deemed wise while being loving and trusting is considered stupid.

Does any of this self-talk sound familiar to you?

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“It was stupid of me to fall in love; I should have been more careful. I should have shielded myself.”

 “I shouldn’t hope for too much. If I lower my expectations, I won’t be disappointed.”

“If I leave first, then they can’t leave me. And if I wait for them to open their hearts first, then I won’t have to risk mine.”

 I propose we stop limiting our lives with too much caution and fear and instead open our path to our true selves.

Are you ready to dig into understanding the real meaning of self-love? 

A good friend of mine called me the other day. Two years ago, he had reached a point where he was so lost. So far away from self-love that he had no faith in his future. He had become numb to everything dear to him. He lost himself to alcohol and suicidal thoughts. 

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He had reached out for help and was taking anti-depressants in an attempt to find his way back. Be a father, a son, a brother and a friend once more. I met him when he was just past his lowest point. As an energy healer I advised him to take his medications, but to also consider an alternative path. I told him that while medications are helpful in acute situations, there would also be other options that could help him in the long run. Permanently. 

He decided that he had nothing to lose and agreed to a few healing sessions. During our final session, I finally got past his shell. He had had a tight grip on his shadow side. If he allowed me to break through, he would be left vulnerable, with no defence left. Nothing to soothe his mind. But the more he trusted me, the more he let down his guard. What I saw as I was helping him release his most suppressed childhood traumas was an image of his childhood home. He was no older than six or seven. His family in distress. His father was drunk. And I could feel that trauma that had been imprinted into his mind and never left him since. But as he let down his guard, the memory was finally let go of.

As he called only a week ago, he talked for over an hour about how much his life has changed since that last session. A year has passed and he has found joy in his life, compassion to a degree that he’d never experienced before and he’s a loving father to his children. And what is even more stunning and awesome:

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Not only has he not touched alcohol in a year. But he also has no desire for alcohol anymore. All of the triggers are gone. The false belief that you have to get drunk to have fun is wiped away.

I am so proud of him. And it has also once more showed me how much of that inner child in so many of us are still weeping and clinging onto whatever bit of safety and comfort we can get. We cling to addictions, fears, insecurities, habits and behavioural patterns as adults, believing that it’s part of our makeup. We tell ourselves that “this is just who I am”. This belief is conditioned by our societies. 

“There are some things that we just can’t change.”

“It’s in m DNA.”

“It runs in the family.”

“My doctor said …”

I love proving these general and, in my opinion, outdated beliefs wrong. 

Imagine a world where everyone has healed their childhood traumas and false beliefs.

Let that thought sit with you for a while.

You’re surely familiar with the expression: “Hurt people, hurt people.”

When those that are hurt, harm others, what do healed people do?


have tremendous compassion for the wounded inner child in everyone that I meet. Not only because I am an empath, and as such have the ability to feel people’s emotions as if they were my own. But also, because my path has not been straight and simple. My upgrowing gave me many challenges and wounds to heal and it has emphasised and strengthened my compassion for others. 

Much good can come out of a person that has healed his or her inner wounds. While a wounded person suffers and, in their suffering, becomes an egoistic, self-centred and often even narcissistic person. A healed person shares their story. A healed person inspires others. A healed person carries the wisdom of their experiences, but no longer the pain that they brought them.

So, no matter what I’ve experienced, and no matter what you have experienced. It’s never a sad or painful story as long as we learn and heal.

Your story as much as mine is a source of inspiration. And that is why I am now sharing mine with you. Perhaps, someday, you will share yours.

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